Regional Photographers In The Staunton Area

Listed by Years Active 

1847 Charles F. Hamilton,  daguerreotypes,  Staunton                                                      First City's Photographer

1849 Waldeer Wallenstein,  daguerreotypes,  Staunton

1850  Rankin and Nash,  daguerreotypes and ambrotypes,  Staunton

1858 Peet and Webber, daguerreotypes,  Staunton

1858 Riddlemoser and Bro.,  ambrotypes,  Staunton

1858 J. H. Burdett bought Riddlemoser and Bro., ambrotypes, Staunton                          Burdett taught Michael Miley Photography in Staunton

1858-1864 W. R. Slagle, photographer,  Staunton

1865 Jewell, photographer,  Staunton

1865-1918 Michael Miley, 1841b-1918d,color photos, Staunton and Lexington                  Patented first color photograph 1902

1860’s-1880 B. M. Clinedinst, 1836b-1904d, photographer,  Staunton                                      Patented the reflex camera in Staunton 1872

1870 Stover & Co., photographer,  Staunton

1872-1932  Benjamin Ami Blakemore, 1846b-1932d,  Staunton

1880s-1930   Rufus Holsinger, born 1866 Charlottesville

1885 Edward Berkley, photographer,  Staunton

1900-1937 Blakemore and Son,  Charles, Staunton

1907-1988 Gitchell’s Studio, Frank Gitchell and Billy, Charlottesville

1914b-2003d Margo F B Kent,  Staunton                                                                                      A 50 year Master Photographer

Ted Riddle, Staunton Newpaper

Emery Topping, Staunton Newspaper

William Alwood, Waynesboro Newspaper

Brower York, Waynesboro Newspaper

1917b-1990d Russell “Rip” Payne,  Regional,  Charlottesville

1925b-2009d Virginia Raymond,  Charlottesville and Staunton

1930-1969 Ralph Waldow Holsinger, Charlottesville

1963-2008 Bernie Boston, 1933b-2008d, National, Regional, Local

1969-1977 Frank Elliott,  Charlottesville

1968- ..... David Schwartz,  Photographer and Founder of the Camera Heritage Museum and Curator Staunto